6 Money-Wasting Facebook Ad Mistakes

There are quite a number of things you can do on Facebook that can cause issues, but almost invariably there are easy solutions.

1. Letting your ad creative get stale

Not only can ad fatigue cause your performance to decline, but you’re also creating negative mental associations with your brand in your potential customers' minds.

Although making new creative is likely one of the more time-consuming actions for social ads, there are some ways to help cut down on the time it takes to churn out more ad creatives:

Look around for inspiration

Looking at other Facebook ad creatives can be a great way to get ideas for layouts, new posts. Facebook has its own page aptly named Facebook Ads Inspiration, but there are also lots of blog posts out there from agencies you can find with a simple Google Search.

Use stock images

One misconception is that all creative has to be entirely unique and custom created. Although that certainly is the dream, it’s not the case when there are plenty of sites that curate free or low-cost stock imagery for reuse. Don’t be shy about using stock photography in your creatives because honestly, some of it is really good.

Leverage design tools

If you have the time to create new ads but you have no idea how to use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (like me), there are still options out there. Sites like Canva, my personal favourite, allow you to use pre-made templates to design new Facebook ads in just a few quick clicks.

2. Optimising for the wrong objective

Facebook has a number of ways to optimise for your goals, and for some, these options can get confusing. At the highest level, the campaign objectives each have their own actions they’re optimising for. Choosing the right campaign objective can be a huge step in the right direction. If you need help choosing a campaign objective, contact us today.

3. Failing to understand the nuances of budget controls

When it comes to budget management, Facebook has some of the widest-ranging options in the digital advertising realm. These different options are great tools for seasoned advertisers, but for those who aren’t as familiar they can be fairly confusing.

Daily budgets help balance out spend to be consistent day over day, but while your campaigns will still try and gain as many of your conversion objectives as possible, it will also work to spend your entire budget each day regardless of conversion performance.

Lifetime budgets, on the other hand, help to optimise within days for your goals, but don’t always reach the target spend each day, making pacing more difficult.

That’s not to mention using ad scheduling and other tools.

4. Over-segmenting audiences

Sometimes, having too tight of a hold on your audiences can be a detriment on Facebook.

Where possible, try to keep your audience mappings logical, but don’t narrow them too far. Depending on the account, aim for anywhere between 2 and 40 million users in a target audience to keep things focused and give Facebook enough performance data to optimise on.

5. Not checking audience overlaps

With all of the different targeting options Facebook has, it can be easy to build out tons of different audiences trying to reach the same users. The problem is, sometimes users fall into multiple different targeting options and based on your setup, could be showing up in multiple different groups.

This can cause issues for a few reasons:

  • It can be unclear which targeting options are working best.

  • Ad creative fatigue can set in much quicker if you’re serving ads to users from multiple different ad sets or campaigns.

Facebook has a tool called the Audience Overlap tool which allows you to compare the audience make-ups of saved, lookalike, and custom audiences within your Facebook audience manager.

6. Controlling placements rather than customising

The Facebook and Instagram networks are pretty vast and that means your ads can show up in a number of placements around the web.

Removing placements gives the Facebook algorithm less options to work with to try and get the results you want. Since the audience is the same, Facebook will sometimes serve ads to a user in a lower volume, lower cost placement that can help drive incremental revenue for you.

Best practices come and go, new features are constantly being added, and it’s easier than ever to make a simple mistake that could cause your ad campaigns to fall short of your goals. If you're still struggling with your FaceBook Ads, contact us today.