5 Instagram Advertising Best Practices

Get the highest ROI possible by following these Instagram best practices to create great Instagram ads.

1. Instil Each Ad with Personality

If your Instagram post doesn’t feel humanised then you will not reach your engagement potential.

People use Instagram to be entertained, amused, or amazed. Whether it’s while you’re on the train to work or when you are unwinding after a long day of work, no one is looking to hop on Instagram to see a boring corporate advertisement. This is why appealing to emotions is always the way to go.

2. Make Sure Your Ad Is Contextually Relevant

What works with one social media platform won’t necessarily work with another. For instance, your business likely wouldn’t promote the same content through LinkedIn as they would through FaceBook, as the audience is typically in a different state of mind

The same goes for Instagram. Put yourself in your target buyer’s shoes and be aware of where they are. Ensure your ads do not feel overly sales-driven because this isn’t typically what Instagram is used for.

3. Use Hashtags

Get creative and do some user research to see which hashtags are more likely to be searched for by your audience. However, don’t overdo it with hashtags. This can make your post look a bit sloppy and desperate.

The ideal number? TrackMaven analysed 65,000 posts and found that 9 hashtags is the ideal number for highest post engagement. They also found that longer hashtags often perform better.

4. Run a Contest

Promoting a contest or giveaway is one of the most effective ways to reach your goals faster with Instagram advertising. Why? Because people love competition and free stuff

No matter what kind of business you’re in, Instagram giveaways are an excellent way of reaching new prospective fans with your products or services, growing your social following, and engaging with your fans.

5. Post at Optimal Hours

If you know your audience well, this shouldn’t be too hard to determine, but trial and error can also work here. Think about your vertical. If you’re an online retailer, when do people typically shop for clothing online? Or if you’re a car dealership, what days of the week do you see the highest spike in website traffic? Asking these questions is a good place to start.


Today Instagram has 800 million active users, according to Statista, and the rate of rapid growth it has seen since 2013 is pretty astounding. Instagram provides a platform to tell visual stories through various ad formats, and many advertisers have seen this channel yielding higher ROI in comparison to their other advertising campaigns.